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Zappay provides a technology stack that makes products, services and businesses easy to use, even for non specialists.

Zappay provides solutions that make it easier and faster to perform overall financial services such as remittance without border restrictions, P2P payment, fund raising, investment and utilisation of funds, focusing on blockchain solutions.


Our mission is to devote ourselves to the practical experience of using decentralised finance,which was experimentally conducted after Bitcoin, and its application in real life. These ideas are no longer experiments, but should be put to use in our lives.

Zappay - the solution for the global unbanked people

ZAPPAY is an innovative digital financial services provider who is providing a new way to spend your digital assets. Zappay is excited to get on Probit. With this new launch of services Zappay anticipates and onboarding of thousands of initial users.According to the report, Africa’s on-chain cryptocurrency activity has consolidated further onto the 10 largest services in the region by volume, with those services’ share of overall activity in the region rising from 67% in October 2019 to 78% in 2020.

Most of the activity from Africa is going to Binance – the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world in terms of trading volume. It provides platform for trading various cryptocurrencies. With Zappays infrastructure and suite of solutions for users, we make it easy to acquire, spend and trade crypto assets with no issues. Recently Zappay is preparing to launch its line of digital products for consumers in emerging markets with a reach of 38 countries.

Understanding the world of cryptocurrency

Part of the challenge surrounding cryptocurrency adoption in Africa, besides the lack of reliable internet, particularly beyond urban areas, is the varying level of financial literacy.

Most people are not conscious of investment types beyond the basics like real estate or stocks. Even those who hear about certain billionaires probably don’t know much about how they built their wealth, beyond thinking that it has something to do with money.

“The longer it takes this information to get to the general public, especially the younger generation, the less likely they will be to aspire to this in the first place,” Ms. Wanjiru says. “That means decentralized finance and cryptocurrency could be at risk of being extremely niche in the future.”



The Goal of Zappay is making cryptocurrency more mainstream starts with breaking down the concepts into one’s local language. Altough we have seen some efforts to translate educational material into Kiswahili, there are still hundreds of other languages and dialects across the continent.

“More needs to be done to translate this to different local languages so that the elder population and those who may not be in urban areas can have access to the information,” she says.

“At the same time, various platforms need to make it easier for people who are completely new to cryptocurrency understand it better.

The need for regulation and trust

Given the constantly changing nature of the cryptocurrency world, one of the biggest risks is lack of proper regulation in some African countries. This could put companies out of business overnight through no fault of their own, yet regulation is exactly what the industry needs most.

This is where Zappay succeeds as it allows its users to use trusted regulated solutions which users can count on. Zappay’s platform and downloadable app, and easy sign up process to be part of the Zappay ecosystem community is simple and requires little expertise in digital finance to participate.

Although the continent is still growing its cryptocurrency economy. Zappay believes that with a recent record of  $8.0 billion worth having been received and $8.1 billion sent on-chain that year, the amount of economic activity is creating life-changing value for users in the region facing economic instability, offering low-fee remittances and an alternative way to save.

Zappay provides a technology stack that makes products, services and businesses easy to use, even for non-specialists.



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